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A. Affordable Fixed Basic Website Creation Fee – $150 or equivalent in Naira (discountable for non-profits)

Maximum period for development is 60 days from domain registration.  Thereafter, $30 is payable monthly.  Includes domain registration, email set-up and blog start-up.  Professional themes are not included.

*Advanced and Pro themes start from $300 or equivalent in Naira.  Ask for a quote.

B. Brilliant Website and Online Support Plans

After website is set-up, our support plans enable you to maintain a professional image on your webspace.  Minimum contract is three months.  After first year, monthly fee will be discounted by 25% only.  Plans available for

Start-Ups  |  Professionals  |  Executives

C. Creative Administrative Solutions

We offer additional administrative support to organisations that require it.  This includes:

  1. Staff Training and Consultation – (one-off fees vary according to training needs)
  2. Basic Accounting Support – (tailored to your needs; one-off fees start from $50)
  3. Writing Support (includes proposal writing, letter writing, newsletter and article creation and editing etc) – (one-off fees start from $25)

For ongoing support with administrative needs, these are the monthly charges (three months minimum contract applies):

Training Accounting Writing Combined Services
$50 $75 $60 $150